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Audiologist in West Palm Beach, FL

Meet a Dedicated Audiology Doctor at Hearing and Balance LLC

When you begin to have trouble hearing, you will often be referred to an audiologist. Audiologists have the necessary skills to treat various hearing-related issues, including balance problems. Hearing and Balance LLC has audiologists in West Palm Beach, Florida, ready to help you overcome your hearing or balance issues. Whether you are hard of hearing, have vertigo, or are still trying to get to the root of your audiological impairment, our team is here to offer you all the testing, guidance, and corrective devices you need along the way.

We always strive to make your experience in our office enjoyable and stress-free. Our friendly team of doctors, nurses, technicians, and other specialists will do whatever it takes to restore your hearing. So, if you are struggling with any hearing or balance problems, call a team that you can trust. Schedule your appointment today!

What Is an Audiologist?

When you visit Dr. Carolyn J. Agresti MD’s office, you’ll work with a whole team of medical professionals who are all focused on treating you. For many patients, it can feel like a whirlwind. Understanding who is who can feel like a never-ending challenge. The head of your whole team will be your audiologist. An audiology doctor is a licensed specialist, just like a cardiologist or an optometrist. Audiologists focus on diagnosing and treating hearing loss and balance problems. Audiologists’ education gives them an intricate understanding of the human auditory and vestibular systems. This understanding gives them the unique knowledge necessary to treat some of the rarest forms of hearing loss and balance dysfunction.

What Does an Audiologist Do?

Audiologists do many things. Some of their routine tasks may overlap with things done by a hearing aid specialist in the office, like performing tests or fitting hearing aids. However, there are some things that only an audiologist can do. For instance, only your audiologist can diagnose the cause of your hearing or balance issues. An audiologist can perform nearly any medical intervention necessary to help restore your hearing. Only your audiologist can prescribe a hearing aid and help you determine the best course of treatment for your specific type of hearing problem. The audiologists at Ear, Nose, and Throat Inc will do whatever it takes to help treat your hearing loss.

We Offer Comprehensive Audiology Services

We have all the services necessary to treat your hearing loss in one convenient location. It always feels better to return to a familiar doctor’s office or see a friendly member of your medical team. Since we offer comprehensive audiology services, you can come to us every step of the way. From your initial testing to your routine hearing aid adjustments, we’re your go-to office for all the audiology services you’ll ever need. Our audiology services include:

  • Conducting audiology testing
  • Fitting hearing aids
  • Helping patients learn how to use corrective devices
  • Tinnitus treatments
  • Vertigo treatments
  • Custom ear protection

Audiological Care for the Whole Family

Our office is designed to be welcoming for the whole family. Whether you need to bring in your children or your parents, you can expect the same exceptional level of care. Hearing loss affects the young and the elderly alike. We believe everyone deserves access to world-class audiological services regardless of age. Our audiology doctors have a special way of explaining hearing issues to children that helps them understand exactly what makes them unique. Our pediatric care also extends to our ear, nose, and throat practice. Choose an audiology team that cares about you and your family.

Schedule Your Appointment With An Audiologist Today!

The sooner you treat your hearing or balance issues, the better. When hearing problems are caught early, there is a better chance of effective intervention. At the first signs of a hearing problem, you should get an appointment with a local audiologist. Our audiology doctors will check your hearing, explain your condition, and offer you the best possible options. To schedule your appointment, call Carolyn J. Agresti, MD – ENT, Inc / Hearing and Balance, INC today!

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